Checkout/Return Policy

1. Any registered patron* may checkout up to five books or other material for a three week period. These may be renewed for another two week period at the patron’s request. Renewal may be made without returning the material to the Library.
2. Any patron returning overdue material will be fined 5₡ per day, per item.
3. Any patron returning damaged material will be liable to pay for repair, or replacement if the damage is beyond repair. The repair or replacement cost will be assessed by the Library Director. Failure to return materials within 30 days following the overdue notice will constitute intent to deprive the library of public property and constitutes grounds for prosecution for misdemeanor theft. After full restitution has been made for damaged material, a person may resume the privileges of a patron of the Library.
4. Anyone who displays inappropriate behavior in the Library and/or with Library property may be restricted from certain privileges or not allowed to patronize the Library all together.

*For a new Library Patron, the first checkout will be limited to one items, then the amount will be at the discretion of the Library Director thereafter.
Revised 6.

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