InterLibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is offered to Frankfort City Library cardholders. If you need materials that the library doesn’t own, we can request to borrow items for you from another library.

What Types of Material Can I Request?

You can request any kind of book – fiction, nonfiction, biography, etc. You can request it in large print form, audiobook form, or playaway form.  You can also request microfilm and DVDs.  More than one copy of a book or DVD is an option; for book clubs or classrooms.  You can request a new book just published, but occasionally it is unavailable until it is older than 6 months.  We will make every attempt to borrow it.

How Do I Place an ILL Request?

ILL requests may be made in person at the library, or by phone at 785-292-4320.  In order to place an ILL request, you must have a library card and it must be in good standing.  You will not be able to place a request if you have more than $5.00 in fines on your account.

Is There a Fee?

There is no fee for this service.  The Frankfort City Library belongs to a courier service that delivers books three days a week:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We do accept donations for the annual cost of this service.

How Will I Know When My Item Arrives:

You will be contacted by phone when your item is available for pick up.  It normally takes about 5 days for an item to arrive.

How Long Can I Keep Ill Items?

The length of time you will be able to have the material is determined by the lending libraryThree weeks after you receive the item is common.  Some of the libraries will renew; others will not.  If you wish to renew contact the Frankfort Library and they can let you know if that is available.  Patrons are asked to take extra care with borrowed items, as we must remain in good standing with other lending libraries in order to continue the service with them.  A patron who has lost or damaged any material MUST reimburse that library.

This is a very popular service for the libraries of Kansas.  We appreciate the State Library of Kansas  developing this  as an outreach program.

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