Gifts & Memorials

The library does accept books – fiction and non-fiction in adult,  youth, children’s books that are in good condition – DVD movies, audio books, puzzles that do not have pieces missing.  WE very much appreciate these donations, and it helps the community because we can offer more of a selection.

We also accept monetary donations as memorials.  If someone you know passes away, you can make a donation of any amount in memory of that person.  If you know what type of book they enjoyed reading, we can purchase a book in that area.  We will attach a label with that persons’ name on it.

As you are planning for the distribution of your estate, consider remembering the Frankfort City Library in your will.  You can set the amount of money to be given and also how you want the money to be used.  The only money that the library receives is from the county taxes.  This has to be used for purchasing books, community outreach programs,  salaries, and monthly expenses.  Many times there is not enough in the budget to make necessary repairs or update the library.  Most often, memorials are used for this purpose.

We sincerely appreciate these donations.  It keeps our library alive and able to offer more to our community

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