Board of Directors

President: Melanie Hawkinson
Secretary: Bonnie Rassmussen
Treasurer: Laura Roeder
System Rep: Diane Tilley
Trustees: Melanie Myers
Denise Fritz
Beth Reust

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  1. Hello! My name is Alizeh Raza and I am part of an organization called Kisa Kids, which is a 501C-3 nonprofit based in California and we publish children’s books.

In honor of Muslim Heritage Month -we have launched a campaign to donate our books to libraries across the United States/UK/Canada/Australia. Our goal is twofold: to increase Muslim representation in literature and in public libraries, have more diversity in children’s books and to change the narrative of Muslims in America to a more positive one, especially in the current political climate. We feel that diversity and inclusion are two very important components to have in all children books!

We want to offer these books to your library, free of charge!
We have had people in your area who have reached out asking for us to contact you!
Normally I attach a PDF with more information about our organization, our books, and their ISBN numbers as well as reviews from Kirkus and Midwest so you can get a better feel for our books but I don’t see an option for that!
    If this is something your library would be interested in, please email me back and I will send you more information.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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